Church worship is sharing with the Lord in a community of faith. As followers of Christ we need it, both as an expression of our love and gratitude to God as well as a time to intentionally draw close to the Lord for our renewal. On Wednesday nights, July 17-August 7, 2019, you are able to enjoy this opportunity in a more casual setting, hearing from one another.

As many from among us have offered and agreed to share, these services seem to be coming together in a way that will glorify God and touch those in attendance. How I hope you will be here to share in these experiences and support the many individuals who are leading us.

The theme “This is Us” was selected as a guide for shaping the orders of service, with the emphasis of involving many and varied persons from within the life of the congregation. The primary focus is hearing personal messages or stories about how God is at work among us, being revealed to and through us.

You may hear or see gifts being offered by someone or ponder a story witnessing to God’s calling. God is at move through our church, in our homes and work settings, as we play, and develop skills or discover talents. A variety of lovely and thoughtful individuals are preparing to share with us. Gathered together, we will also remember the prayer concerns of our church family.

Each service will be followed by the opportunity for a brief time of fellowship on the plaza. Cool treats will be ready for enjoyment as we visit.

As we prepare for our upcoming mid-week services, the church family has been asked to consider how you might become involved by sharing a talent or offering a brief testimony. There has been some response and our services are taking shape. Below is a general overview:

  • July 17: The Lord Meets Us As We Journey
    with testimonies from Wendy Graves, Sandy Rooney, Megan Parrish, and Bryn Bagby Taylor
  • July 24: The Lord Meets Us In Music
    including a violin solo by Georgia Vaughan and a time for favorite hymn singing
  • July 31: The Lord Meets Us Through Artistic Expression
    with testimonies by Page Highfill, Ashley Glaze, and Ella Glaze
  • August 7: The Lord Meets Us When We Are Serving
    including personal testimonies of Danielle Simone, our new Preschool Director, Catharine Broadnax, and Beth Rooney

Make your plans to be with us in these special times of worship. If you, or your younger family member, would like to read scripture or light our Christ candle, please reach out to to express interest.