My association with River Road Church, Baptist began in 1955 when my family moved to Richmond, and soon thereafter we joined the church. Sunday School, worship services, Girls in Action (GA’s), and Youth Group were a regular part of my ‘growing-up’ years.

In 1966, Tom Kirkup and I were married by Dr. Vernon Richardson in the Chapel. Six weeks later, Tom was deployed to Vietnam. During his year-long absence, I was buoyed by the always caring, supportive members of the congregation.

Following his military service, Tom accepted a job offer at Reynolds Metals Company (having been recommended by River Roader and Reynolds employee, Fred Bridges.)  During the next nine years we were transferred six times. Wherever we were living, we received the weekly worship service bulletin. That gesture meant a lot and kept us in touch with the church.

In late 1976, we returned to Richmond. We left Richmond a couple and returned a family with the addition of a son, Christopher, and a daughter, Katherine. In 1977 we rejoined RRCB.

We enrolled Katherine in River Road’s outstanding Preschool. (She met her future husband, Sam Hall, in a class for three-year-old’s.) Tom and I joined the Phoenix Sunday School Class. The fellowship we have enjoyed in that class and more recently in the Friendship Class became and continues to be a mainstay in our lives.

Tom and I feel blessed to be part of this church. Many of the most significant events in our lives — two weddings, two baby dedications, two funerals — have taken place here. The worship services in the lovely Sanctuary recharge our spiritual batteries through excellent preaching and through beautiful music.

We appreciate the opportunities to support this church through our participation in its programs, boards, and committees, and we are glad to contribute to its financial well-being through our stewardship pledge.

For 41 years River Road Church, Baptist has been there for us. This is our time to give back.

Written by Anne Barden Kirkup & Tom Kirkup


Growing in Commitment, Rooted in Faith