John 13:1-17

The purpose of foot washing is to illustrate Jesus’ philosophy of ministry, which is servant leadership.

It’s hard to respect someone who considers themselves the most important person in the room and who puts their needs ahead of everyone else.

Perhaps you think I’m talking about someone you know. I’m talking about you and me. Have you ever said: “No one’s going to tell me what to do!” “I don’t have to put up with this.” “They don’t realize who I am.” “They don’t appreciate all I do around here!” “I don’t get any respect.” If the truth be known, we’ve all thought these things, and most likely, even said these things out loud. We need to be reminded that there is no job beneath us

No needful task is beyond the dignity of anyone, even the Leader, Boss or CEO. Task has no ranking; anyone who sees the need should just do it without considering one’s rank or waiting for another to do it.

Jesus set the example by serving His disciples. Leaders must serve also. Whomever would be great among you must be your servant.

Greatness is about serving others. Humility lessons cannot be taught but must be done first. It is leading by example.

It isn’t enough to know what to do…we must do it! It is one thing to be willing to serve Jesus, but to do so we must forgive and serve one another!

Actions speak louder than words May you and I follow in the sandals of Jesus and become foot washers.

Martha Lou Green