A Brazilian boy with prime Portuguese parlance
Emerged into eloquent English
With missionary models for motivation
As perceptive parents propelled their progeny
To a Baylor background boosted by brains, not bluff,
And a wonderfully-wise wife
With precious prodigies added to his life.

He would never be a silent servant
But an author, a seminary scholar, and
sought-out speaker
A chaplain for children
A professor, preacher, and pastor working with
the homeless, hospice, and the hapless
prisoners and police.

Sharing insights of inspiration
with those needing spiritual intervention and
Confronting consciences crying out
For a counselor able to commiserate with
When chaos controlled their core or
Grief grabbed their hearts

Or with students seriously seeking
to scrutinize scripture
with one readily able to relate it to reality
laced with his own life’s lessons
on “Love thy neighbor”
and “Are we all that we can be?”

Upon reaching the realm of River Road,
He wowed us with wondrous words of wisdom
United to a unique and ubiquitous style
In a perfected pastoral position
Prayers without parallel
Heavenly-inspired humor and humbleness
(And even more quintessential quips)
Singing hymnal-songs like a steadfast shepherd
With passionate choristers in processionals.
And now in his River Road retirement recessional,
With gratitude we grant
This faithful friend, Dan Bagby,
Our everlasting embrace
Enhanced by God’s good grace.

Written by Nancy Brown