Weekend of Wonder

What a year we have had, friends! But with spring budding around us and vaccines moving forward, hope is beginning to well up! It will be so wonderful to reclaim freedom to go out, enjoy family visits, hug, gather, and worship, all of us together, in our sanctuary. In this hopeful spirit, our Board of Christian Education and Spiritual Formation has begun working toward a churcwide event to take place early next year, with exact dates coming soon.

A planning team has been put in place and includes the following individuals: Taylor Bostic, Bert Browning, Susan Halloran, Scott Leake, Eleanor Roberts, and Cathy Whitty, with staff members, Marnie Fisher-Ingram, Anna Miller, and Sandy Rooney. As this group meets and starts the planning process, the prospect just gets more exciting.

We are planning toward a weekend of good food, friendship, community, and laughter, along with learning and worship. Our theme for this gathering is Wonder, and it will be designed to help us reconnect, or maybe connect for the first time, with the astonishment and awe that comes with following our marvelous God. The weekend will consist of segments for the whole community and some times that are age specific. In addition, there will be topics of study and activities that you get to select based on your own interests.

Planning has already started in order to allow us this opportunity in 2022. Details will be coming to you throughout this year to bring all of us along so we can prepare together for this much needed time. If you will, please begin now by praying for guidance for our planning team, for the church community to be energized and ready to actively participate, and that God’s greatness will shine through to all who participate.Thank you for your shared hopes and prayerful support.