Most Sunday nights, I am absolutely worn out. I’m not complaining—when I answered the call to ministry, I knew Sundays would be like that. But last Sunday night was different. I was energized!

We experienced a great morning of worship: turning our thoughts to Mary, the mother of Christ, and her great song of Advent Joy, the Magnificat. Our dear children led us well in singing at the beginning of the service and during the offertory, our youth and chancel choirs sang a version of the Magnificat which nearly produced in me an audible Amen!

When I returned Sunday evening, I was greeted by a very full crowd in our sanctuary to experience Handel’s Messiah. Everyone, especially our guests, gave outstanding reviews of the service. From the beautiful harpsichord music, to the gifted orchestra members, to a choir that beats any in town, the whole evening was such a treat.

Please take a moment over the next week to speak to Dr. Bob Gallagher, our Minister of Music, or a member of the choir and offer thanks for their rich gift of music ministry among us. We are indeed fortunate as a family called River Road Church, Baptist, to have such fine music ministry which stirs our souls and blesses our God.

With a full heart,