What does a productive day look like for you?  If you are like most people, it probably involves checking off items on your theoretical (or actual) to-do list, perhaps giving more or less weight to an item’s contribution to your overall productivity score based on such factors as degree of difficulty or time involvement or aggravation quotient.

We all have a pretty good sense of when we’ve been productive in our work lives, our school lives, or our home lives.  But what about our spiritual lives?  What does a spiritually productive day look like?  Can we even talk in those terms?

Being spiritual is not something we turn on or off.  We are spiritual beings at the core of who we are, and as we raise our own awareness of this reality, every moment becomes an opportunity to be spiritually productive.  That is to say, everything we do has the ability to nourish our soul and bring us closer to the heart and mind of Christ.

That isn’t to say it’s easy.  It is hard for me to see being stuck in traffic as nourishing my soul, or dealing with that annoying person as bringing me closer to God, or cleaning the house or running errands or writing that report as deepening my spiritual core.  But they could.

And so it is useful to set time apart from our routine in order to be more fully present to God and to search out what spiritual productivity might look like for us even in our day to day lives.   We do this on Sunday mornings when we come to worship.  We do this when we set aside time each day to read a devotion.  We do this through Bible study and theological conversation.  However, it is easy to let those things become yet another item on our to-do list that we check off.

On several occasions Jesus retreated from the crowds, from the demands the world placed on him (and perhaps what he even placed on himself) and spent time alone with God.  At other times he took a few close friends with him.  It was time set apart to recharge, to gain perspective, to nourish his soul.

Next weekend there is an opportunity to go away with a few friends and take some time to witness the sacred within and around.  Perhaps you have a few hours on Friday evening to join us for dinner and conversation around creating a holy pause.  Perhaps you are willing to set aside your Saturday to spend time exploring spiritual disciplines.  Perhaps you will give yourself permission to take 24 hours and join us for an overnight retreat.

Whatever time you have to give, it is enough.  And whether it is with us who will gather at Richmond Hill, or at a time and place you carve out on your own, God can use it to help you see the amazing ways God is calling you to be spiritually productive every day.

Only a couple spots remain for the full overnight retreat February 28-March 1 and must be reserved by Friday, February 21.  Those wishing to come Friday or Saturday may indicate their interest no later than Monday, February 24.  Contact Sheryl Johnson (sheryljohnson@rrcb.org) to reserve your place and read more about the retreat here.