During the next ten days, five communal events of differing types will take place at River Road.

  • In the evening on June 1, “Sounds Like Summer” will give us the opportunity to gather on the Plaza to enjoy music (River City Party Band), gelato, and fellowship. I am delighted to think that River Road is a place where people can gather just to have some fun together.
  • We return for communion on Sunday, June 3 – music by Mendelssohn, Friedell, Byrd, and Costantini. Sermon by Dr. Glaze. Lucky me – I have a heads up on his topic.
  • At 6 p.m. on June 3, many of us will come together for desserts and fellowship as we make a special effort to fund some of our summer youth activities.
  • On June 10, morning worship will include anthems by Alessandro Scarlatti and Leo Sowerby. Rev. Grammer will be preaching – and I know a bit about what to expect there, too! Looking forward to it – so should you!
  • Finally (on our ten-day event forecast), the Chancel Choir will present its spring concert on June 10 at 7:30 p.m. This concert, with orchestra, will include music of Austria: two motets by Anton Bruckner, a delightful church sonata by Mozart, and the monumental Requiem by Mozart.

There is a common thread to these five events: they are best celebrated and enjoyed . . . . . . together. Not through live streaming, not on a podcast, not on a CD, not on YouTube. Come to the Friday night plaza event – hold hands with someone. Attend Sunday’s communion service, look someone right in the eye and smile as you pass on the attendance register. Come for some serious carb loading on Sunday evening – dessert is more fun together. Join us for worship on June 10 – a say a word of thanks to our graduating senior at reception. Then join and welcome the many members of the Richmond community who will attend the choral concert on the evneing of June 10.

All are invited and welcome to relax, to worship, to eat, and to listen together. Don’t miss any of these event, services, parties, and concerts. Being together in community means a great deal – on any occasion.

Written by Bob Gallagher