In 1985, River Road Church began conducting outreach mission projects, both in the community, throughout the eastern United States and overseas. Twenty-seven years later, youth and adults of our church will conduct their 38th project. This year the team will do a “Thank You” at our church. The group will stay at The Roslyn Conference Center and work each day at the church. Painting in the elementary Sunday school area, cleaning out storage closets, cleaning the stage area, storing costumes and drama equipment and assisting with other duties will more than occupy our days. The team will also prepare an evening meal for the MCV Hospitality House.

During the past 27 years, the church has provided substantial funds, through the budget and individual gifts. Those funds have rehabbed houses from Florida to Virginia. They have built a dining hall and cabins in Maine. They have helped build new homes in our city. More importantly, those funds have changed lives. Members of the first team in 1985, now have their children involved in the 2012 project. Saying “Thank You” seems so small. Hopefully, the long-term benefits to our church have made your gifts and kind words meaningful.

This year, 21 youth and 13 adults will comprise the 2012 mission team. The tour will take place during the week of August 5-11. We would appreciate your prayers and thoughts during this time. The following individuals are members of the 2012 team:

Marguerite Bostic                         Skyler Mang                                     Emily Phillips
Taylor Bostic                                  Madeleine McAllister                    Beth Rooney
Zach Bostic                                     Julia McGuire                                  Meg Rooney
Harrison Clark                              Amanda Miller                                Anne Rusher
Emily Cothran                               Jake Nurney                                     Bill Rusher
Gregg Cothran                              Jordan Nurney                                 Grant Schowalter
Alex Franck                                   Chester Phelps                                 Regan Standlick
Elizabeth Franck                          Emma Phelps                                   Cathy Whitty
Deanna Gulick                              Harry Phelps                                    Emily Whitty
Jack Heisler                                   Kristen Phelps                                 John Whitty
Sara Heisler                                   Margaret Phelps                              J.T. Whitty
Michael Whitty

by Chester Phelps