River City Faith Network Missions Offering: Our Work is in Your Hands
May 22-June 19, 2022 | RRCB Goal: $10,000

The 2022 River City Faith Network Missions Offering has a tiered goal of $120,000. The first $70,000 will support Camp Alkulana, Alkulana RVA, and related ministries. The next $50,000 will fund the Haircutting Ministry at Oregon Hill Baptist Center, the GED ministry at Church Hill Christian Wellness Center, and help renovate part of the South Richmond Baptist Center Satellite to start a furniture ministry, and more. You may give to the Offering by using one of the green envelopes in the pews and dropping it in the offering plate, mailing a check to the church office, or giving online at rrcb.org/give-online. Please make checks payable to RRCB with RCFN Missions Offering in the memo.

Scroll down to watch a mission moment and to learn about the ministries the Offering will support.

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Oregon Hill Baptist Center

The Oregon Hill Baptist Center dreams of a new Hair Cutting Ministry. They want to find volunteers and businesses with those skills, people God might lead to begin and continue this ministry. If you feel better when you get a haircut, imagine the confidence a new haircut or shave might give one preparing for a job interview or applying for housing. Please pray for the Oregon Hill Center and the community it serves; for their volunteers and churches who help with their clothing closet, laundry ministry, and food ministry; and God will send the people needed so the haircutting ministry can help those they serve.

Church Hill Christian Wellness Center

The Church Hill Christian Wellness Center, or “The Well,” plans to restart its G.E.D. ministry, working with the Adult Learning Center. What makes this ministry different from other G.E.D. programs? They adjust the pace to accommodate a variety of learning styles. Their support system offers a more structured environment and more one-on-one assistance to students who need that help. Your gifts also help them reduce the cost of the classes for students in financial need. Please pray God will call a G.E.D. facilitator to assist with this ministry, they can help participants who want to complete the process, and The Well may identify more ways to help people in the Name of Jesus.

South Richmond Baptist Center

The South Richmond Baptist Center Satellite location has great potential for another ministry. When the civic club gave RCFN the Satellite building, the gift included a second building. The 60’ x 25’ annex was designed for open-air activities. The space is covered and enclosed but not weatherized. For now, it serves the Satellite ministry’s storage needs. Surely God has other plans for this space. As the Holy Spirit leads, and with the prayers and gifts of RCFN donors, they can build up the walls, insulate, and create a resource to help those in need find home furnishings. When someone calls to offer home furnishings or needs them, they want to say, “We can help you.” Please pray thank God for the present and future volunteers who help make the SRBC and Satellite ministry possible; for their neighbors, the communities, and churches who connect through their ministry; and the SRBC Annex will become a resource that benefits all of our ministry communities and help those in need.

Camp Alkulana

Each year Camp Alkulana prepares for camp and campers with two work days. They depend heavily on volunteers to get camp ready each spring after dust has settled and leaves have collected on pathways. Tasks could include anything from cleaning and yard work to painting and light construction. A team from River Road Church will head to camp this Saturday, June 4. Please pray for Camp Alkulana, our River Road team, other church groups, camp alumni, and camper families.

This year Camp Alkulana will return to “normal” operations. Camp will look and feel much like it did before COVID. Trying to have camp in a pandemic made them concentrate and connect with their campers in new ways through AlkulanaRVA and their Alkulana Peer Program. Now campers have opportunities to share at summer camp sessions and back home too. The lessons and gifts of friendship, faith, and the Alkulana family continue through the year. They have expanded access to camp, inviting any family blessed through the Christmas Store ministry of the RCFN Baptist Centers this past year. They hope this year isn’t just normal, but their best one yet! Please pray the children of Richmond find their way to them; their campers and staff have a safe and enjoyable summer; God will bless their counselors and staff as they give themselves for this ministry; and AlkulanaRVA and their Peer Program connect with children, youth, and their families and keep growing.