In January, the church approved a budget for 2013 of $1,450,000. The graph below MP Contributions Graphcompares contributions over the last several years. In 2010 and in 2013, the RRCB Endowment Fund has contributed $85,000 to the operating budget for the church. This is shown as the blue tip to these two years on the graph.

The last two years have seen lower costs due to lower staffing costs. The three full time ministers in place prior to 2011 were replaced with three part time ministers. Lower contributions in those years were offset by lower needs for personnel expenses. As we move back towards full staffing later this year, our personnel costs will increase, as will our need for funding.

The good news is that pledges are up in 2013. However, to maintain our proposed staffing levels, increased contributions will be needed in 2014. The Finance Committee will continue to meet throughout the year to plan for the future. All church members will have an opportunity to help as we plan for the future.